Beneath the College Jersey

The Athlete's Guide to Healthier Nutrition, Habits, and Recovery Methods

by Marten Vandervelde

edited by Joe McManus

Beneath the College Jersey

Beneath the College Jersey by Marten Vandervelde is now available for purchase here at and other retail outlets.


PST Commissioner Joe McManus edited the book and believes it is a valuable resource for college athletes.


"I am not aware of another book like this. It is a must read for any and every college athlete," says McManus.


Vandervelde, who is a strength and conditioning coach at Tufts University sought out McManus to collaborate with him on the book.


"Joe has a unique set of skills. His experience as a college coach, exposure to professional athletes, and his great intellect made him uniquely qualified to collaborate with me on this project.


"Joe and I literally spent months dissecting every word of the book. His input was invaluable. And I am thrilled with the finished product."


Steve Buckley, a Boston Herald sportswriter wrote the foreword for the book. Buckley's last book, Wicked Good Year: How the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics turned the Hub of the Universe into the Capital of Sports, was published by HarperCollins in 2009.


Beneath the College Jersey Overview

There are 168 hours in a week ... but how college athletes spend the 150 hours outside practice has a greater impact on performance than the 18 hours spent in practice.


Beneath the College Jersey addresses the social and institutional challenges that interfere with college athletes reaching peak performance, then gives readers a roadmap to success.


Offering practical, research-backed advice, workbook pages to track progress, and even recipes for college athletes, the book arms student-athletes with everything needed to excel in college sports, and in life after graduation.


About the Author

Marten Vandervelde

Marten J. Vandervelde, CSCS, is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Before his arrival at Tufts, no team had ever won a national championship; within his first four years, Vandervelde primed teams that went on to win the historic first men’s and first women’s national titles. His acknowledged expertise in the realm of college life outside the gym is what continues to separate the student-athletes that follow his tutelage from the rest of the country..